SBI Light 2.0

tougher, lighter and more flexible

Compatibility with different types of rotor blades:

  • Flexible hold down.
  • Depending on the rotor blade type, individual supports ensure maximum safety in terms of the structural integrity of the rotor blade, thus lowering costs for high repetition rates in wind farm installations.
  • Optional: Self adapting, hydraulic support system for adaptation to the rotor blade contour High flexibility in terms of use and shorter setup times when changing the rotor blade type. Particularly suitable in the service sector with alternating turbine types.
  • Optional: Adaptability to different rotor blade types is possible as a result of length adjustability: Additional intermediate positions for changing the length to 14, 16 and 18 metres.

High process reliability
High stability as a result of the closed C-frame. This prevents falling out sideways and enables robust handling in rough, everyday construction site conditions.

Optimum grip on the rotor blade to avoid/reduce blade deformation and sagging at the tip of the blade.

Optionally, the SBI light traverse can be supplemented with an additional module for tilting by means of a tilt cylinder and an additional power pack.

More working height, less weight
The reduction of the required hook height by 5 to 6 metres offers the user additional working height and optimisation of the crane class that is used. A weight saving of approx. 13 tonnes dead weight allows for cheaper servicing, especially in the case of smaller rotor blades. Despite the lower dead weight, the lifting beam can still be used at wind
speeds of up to 12 m/sec.

Efficient transport solution for transportation on land and sea
The transport length is 12 metres and the deployment length of 20 metres without intermediate positions (see above) allows transport in 40-foot containers. Optionally, this also takes place in closed containers.

Environmentally friendly and maintenancefree
Higher energy efficiency and energy saving is achieved by an environmentally friendly electric drive. Compared to conventional systems, this is maintenance-free in terms of technical implementation.

Simple and inexpensive operation with low maintenance requirements. Only one inspection is required per year. The inspection can be carried out by any qualified inspection service.

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