Welding robots


Perfect weld seams and high speed: Even large and complicated welded assemblies are produced at Axzion on special welding robots.

The Cloos robot can weld elements as large as a small prefabricated garage. For this purpose, it has a total of 8 controlled axes, welding is done with 2 wires in parallel. Programming is done either offline, directly from the CAD system, or online by our experienced operators.

The modern FANUC robot was specially developed for Axzion and can weld heavy and up to 8m long beams in multiple layers.
The beams are rotated into the optimal welding position, and here, too, 2 wires are welded in parallel. The welding time is reduced by up to 80% compared to manual welding and the quality of the weld seams is excellent, almost perfect.

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