Turnmaster Vario

Turnmaster Vario



Machines and cast components must be used frequently during the production process and for shipping. The components are becoming ever larger, the demands on quality always higher. Expensive crane systems are blocked for hours; large production areas have to be blocked for an extended period of time. Axzion-GKS has developed Turnmaster rotator cross-beams for the economical and safe handling of heavy loads, which are very easy to use and usually pay off after a short time.

With the Turnmaster Vario, the lifting straps are pushed to the appropriate points and the rotating rollers align themselves. After lifting, the crane-side suspension is simply moved over the load centre by pushing the button and the rotation process can begin.

The toothed rotating rollers combined with the secuwave coating reliably transfer the torque to the load. The teeth of the coating cling to the load. Slipping is no longer possible.

The precise centre of load of machines or large structures is often not known to the hoister. The many attachments make a reliable assessment almost impossible. The centre of load can still move during the turning process.



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