SpanSet Group History: “From seat belts to round slings made of high-performance fibres”


“The world is becoming more colourful because of SpanSet.”

Many, today commonly used developments in the lifting industry come from SpanSet.
For example, the colour coding of lifting straps and round slings was developed at our company to make it easier to distinguish between the originally single-coloured or raw-white straps.
Other important developments were made in the area of round slings and lashing straps. Today, SpanSet is still the market leader in the field of high-quality textile slings, round slings and lashing systems.

The starting point was the joint development of the car safety belt together with Volvo in Sweden in 1959. The demand for textile straps made of synthetic fibres grew and grew, so that SpanSet was founded in the 1960s.


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