Loading forks with automatic weight compensation

Loading forks with automatic weight compensation



The Axzion loading forks are placed automatically at the structural center of mass by means of trolleys and gas pressure springs. The load centre of mass be above the centre of the tine. The loading fork may only be lifted when the movable eye has reached its load position. In the empty state, the suspension head is pressed against the rear stop by the wear-free gas pressure spring and automatically hangs horizontally. Under load, the eye moves to the front stop and the loading fork is hanging straight. For a safe function of the self-sufficient weight compensation, at least 20% of the nominal load must act on the tines.

• Solid structure made of robust hollow profiles

• Load centre 600 mm

• With suspension eye suitable for crane hooks

• With wear-free, gas pressure spring

• Compact prong, side-adjustable

• Variant I: Fixed loading height

• Variant II: Flexible loading side adjustable by height adjustment


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