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Overload tests of very large lifting constructions have so far been extremely difficult and time-consuming. For example, a floating crane had to be hired to inspect a large 800 t cross beam. A total of ten people were busy checking the test weights and carrying out the test over a period of several days. The total costs for this load test have exceeded the value of the delivered lifting solution several times.


Axzion-GKS now has two certified test stands for load handling equipment:

600 t test stand: The plant at the Langenfeld site, which has been in operation for years, has a length of 20 m, a height of 5 m and a dead weight of more than 100 t. Load-bearing devices and slings can be tested here in horizontal position.

1,500 t test rig: The test facility in Neustrelitz has a length of 12 m, a height of 15 m and a dead weight of more than 250 t. The maximum tractive force of 1,500 t is applied by two huge hydraulic cylinders. The tank volume of the hydraulic unit is as large as the heating oil tank in the cellar of a detached house. The load tests are controlled manually or by computer.

Load-bearing devices and slings can be tested here in vertical position.

The load tests are controlled either manually or by computer with evaluation. The NRW Materials Testing Office has confirmed the accuracy of the systems, all measured values are calibrated and certified.

The test rig is open to all, other load handling devices can now also be tested here at short notice.

Large testing companies such as Lloyds Register, Germanischer Lloyd or Dekra have already accompanied load tests on the test bench and were enthusiastic about the effortless handling. Extensive test series, such as the testing of new tower points of impact, could be carried out at rest under absolutely realistic operating conditions. The inspection of existing load handling devices in accordance with DIN EN 13155 will also gain in importance in the future. The suitability of the lifting solution according to the standard can be proven by a load test with a double overload. The accompanying expert of the neutral auditing company confirms the test result.

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