Load change: DIN 13155: < 20.000 load cycles


The number of load cycles is decisive: the designer of a load handling attachment must determine, in cooperation with the user, whether DIN EN 13155 “Cranes – Safety – Loose load handling attachments” can be applied or whether the load handling attachment must be designed in accordance with DIN EN 13001 and Eurocode 3 – DIN EN 1993 “Design, construction and execution of steel structures”.
If maximum load cycles of up to 20,000 are to be expected for the load handling attachments to be designed, EN 13155 “Cranes – Safety – Loose load handling attachments” is applied in full.
This means that the mechanical load-bearing parts are calculated in a simplified way with regard to the mechanical strength, the strength against deformation must here be >2 in the new state and the strength against breakage > 3.


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