Wichtiges zum Thema
„Kippgefahr beim Anschlagen unterhalb des Lastschwerpunktes“

Important information regarding the subject of „risk of tipping over when connecting below the load of mass“


When connecting the load, the height of the centre load bearing point must always be observed and subjected to critical assessment. It is harmless if the load centre is lower than the hoisting points. There is a danger of rollover if the centre load of mass is above the hoisting points. Caution: If the connection is not done correctly here, it may tip over. Each load-bearing device has a „rigid structural height“.  The rigid structural height is the dimension between the „contact point of the crane hook and the next underlying hinge point“, i.e. the height range of the beam below the crane hook, which cannot change geometrically when the load is oscillating. Low „rigid structural heights“ have trusses with eye suspension (1). Higher „rigid structural heights“ have beams with a multi-strand suspension (2). The rigid structural height (A) of the beam must always be significantly larger than the dimension „lifting point up to the height of the load centre“ (D). For H-frames both spatial axes must be assessed.


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