hydraulic cylinders



When using load handling attachments, the hydraulic cylinder may have to hold the load reliably, the steels must be selected accordingly, pistons and end fittings must be designed accordingly. Commercially available hydraulic cylinders are often unsuitable for use in load handling attachments. These cylinders are designed for use in machines, the steels used are not approved for use as load-bearing devices, the end fittings do not fit.

AXZION-GKS has the suitable processing machines and manufactures the large lifting cylinders itself. The attachment points are dimensioned according to the load-bearing equipment and the seals are procured from qualified suppliers. Of course, these cylinders are also tested and approved. For example, the hydraulic cylinders for use in the offshore sector are tested together with the GL-DNV and then approved by it.

Delivery times for large hydraulic cylinders are often extremely long. As long as you can’t wait while lifting, Axzion can help at short notice with its own production and deliver the right replacement.

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