History AXZION “From the simple burning hook to the driven gripper for piles”.



When the company founders Boris Franke and Raimund Rötzel started manufacturing load handling attachments in 1992, most of the load handling attachments were still designed by the customers themselves. In the environment of the then still booming steel industry there were several specialized manufacturers, otherwise the trusses and hooks were mostly manufactured by local locksmiths.

At the beginning, Axzion mainly manufactured coil hooks and cross beams, but after a short time the customers asked us for adapted special solutions. An important milestone in this period was the production of a 320to cross beam for SMS in Hilchenbach for lifting and turning rolling mill frames.

In 1997 Axzion, then still known as GKS Stahl + Maschinenbau, was integrated into the globally active SpanSet Group. This entrepreneurial step gave Axzion the resources for further global expansion. In 2000, for example, shares were acquired in Uniman Englis S.R.O., Uniman is the market leader for load handling equipment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Major customers with an international orientation, such as Siemens Energy or MAN Turbo, were added in the following period; large boring mills and other processing machines had to be procured for production. By pre-assembling system components on so-called flatracks, the loads became heavier and heavier, 200 tons were suddenly normal, where in the beginning a maximum load capacity of 50 tons caused astonishment.

The loads were not only heavier but also more valuable. To ensure quality, our major customers increasingly insisted on acceptance by the major certification bodies such as GL, LR or DNV. This experience then made a decisive contribution to the first leverage solutions for companies in the developing wind power sector.

Axzion is one of the pioneers in the development of solutions for the assembly of large wind turbines, GE Wind (then Tacke and Enron), Nordex and Senvion (then Repower) were the first customers. An important milestone in the company’s history was the development of equipment for the assembly of seven wind turbines in the Irish Sea, together with GE Wind in 2004.

With the development of the company more and more interesting projects were realized. The recovery equipment for the Eurofighter/Typhoon was introduced in 2008, and in the same year the TAP tower impact point was developed and tested together with Nordex.

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