Documentation is just as important as the manufactured product.
In international steel and mechanical engineering, the materials used must be precisely documented. An undocumented component can lead to the rejection of the complete load handling attachment. Therefore, a complete documentation is always part of the scope of delivery of a load handling device. The information and scope must correspond to the current status of the LAM and proof of the quality of the components used as well as materials on the tests carried out must be included.

For simple standard solutions, a ready-made template can be used. Complex solutions require an adapted instruction manual. For this, documents from the various sources must be compiled and the contents “manually” “laid out” like print documents. The correction workflow is done via channels such as; e-mail, telephone, etc. and is therefore tedious and time-consuming.

The newly developed AXZION-DocuManager generates, manages and archives documentation semi-automatically and organizes the workflow between customer and manufacturer.
Content is prepared as an editorial part separately from the design and only merged with the export into a PDF. The documents produced in this way are archived within the system and can be viewed and sent from there.

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