DIN EN 1090


For the production of load-bearing structures in the building inspection area, Axzion, as an approved specialized company, has to fulfill the following conditions according to DIN EN 1090:

Part 1: Conformity verification procedure for load-bearing components

Part 2: Technical rules for the execution of steel structures

The requirements to be fulfilled by the specialized company are based on the respective execution class (EXC) of DIN EN 1090-2. Depending on the load on the supporting structure, steel material, damage class and other criteria, there are four execution classes from EXC 1 to EXC 4.

AXZION-GKS is approved for class EXC 3. The highest class EXC 4 does not apply to load-bearing equipment. Class EXC 3 applies to load-bearing structures with a high damage sequence class, which are mainly subjected to static or dynamic loads, and to steel materials with yield strength > 355 MPa. Companies within the scope of Class EXC 3 must use a qualified welding supervisor and certified welders with a valid welder qualification certificate according to DIN EN 287-1 or DIN EN ISO 9606-1, as well as welding procedures with a valid qualification (WPQR). EN ISO 9606-1 as well as welding procedures with valid qualification (WPQR).
DIN EN 1090-1 requires the specialist company to have a certificate of factory production control and a welding certificate issued by a recognized body after an initial inspection (initial surveillance).
The specialist company is subject to regular monitoring of factory production control.


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