Configure your beam yourself!



The design of the beam depends on the load, as well as the number and position of the load-side hoisting points. .

Bar beam:

For narrow and long loads (bar steel, beam, etc.). The load-side hoisting points lie on one axis.


Voluminous / spatial loads (machines, crates, etc.). Several load-side hoisting points lie on one level.

Load centre of mass

The load centre is always exactly under the crane hook. Thus, when the load distribution is uneven, the beam and the load are inclined. The maximum permitted inclination of 6° in accordance with DIN 13155 must be observed here.

Crane side: adjustable suspension should be selected here. The spindle-adjustable version can easily be adjusted under load (consider max. slope angle). This solution saves time and is particularly safe. An adjustable shackle suspension or  a 2-strand chain that can be shortened cannot be adjusted under load. In this case, the beam hangs in the empty state here at an angle. The original setting must often also be corrected several times.

Load side: Setting the beam by adjusting the hoisting points asymmetrically to the crane suspension. In this case, it must be noted that the roadside connection points will not be evenly loaded. It may mean the beam has to be dimensioned to be stronger. In the case of an H-frame, ensure that the load on the hoisting points are evenly distributed, as otherwise the beam can be damaged.

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