Coilprotect "Semi"

Low-profile coil rack



The robust steel construction is the optimal solution for secure handling, efficient transport and careful storage of coils and wire coils. secutex coilprotect “semi” was designed with a low-profile and is suitable for all coil forms. The robust steel construction can be easily mounted. It is ideal for the erection of long-term storage spaces. Popular forklift models can easily drive over the low-profile construction. Thus allowing the coilprotect “semi” to be easily and comfortably loaded. The insertable rods secure the coil from tipping. The valuable coils resting upon the support surfaces are protected by secutex impact protection. In comparison to other chemical materials, secutex is extremely resistant to wear and tear.

Optionally available:
Impact resistant support made from heat-resistant, impact protecting “secutex heat“
Insertable rods, coated
Transport cart for insertable rods
Trestle for crooked and perpendicular storage

Height [mm] Width [mm] Length [mm] Coil-ø [mm]
80 675 1.000 210
80 675 1.500 5
80 675 2.000 5
80 675 2.500 5
80 675 3.000 5

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