Coilprotect "Semi"

Low-profile coil rack


secutex-Coilprotect “Semi” is the optimal solution for safe handling, rational transport and gentle storage of coils and wire bundles.
The coil store has been designed in a low construction and is suitable for all coil sizes.
The robust steel construction has to be fixed to the hall floor and is therefore particularly suitable for long-term storage areas. The low design of the secutex-Coilprotect “Semi” makes it easy to drive over with common fork lift trucks and thus facilitates a quick and comfortable loading.
The staking rods prevent the coil from tipping over.
At the contact surfaces, the high-quality coils are protected by secutex impact protection. Compared to other chemical materials, secutex is extremely wear and tear resistant.


– Impact protection support made of heat-resistant impact protection “secutex Heat”

– Coated pegging rods

– Transport trolley for setting out rods

– End support for inclined and vertical storage



Height [mm] Width [mm] Length [mm] Coil-ø [mm]
80 675 1.000 210
80 675 1.500 5
80 675 2.000 5
80 675 2.500 5
80 675 3.000 5

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