Block grippers

Block grippers

Block grippers safely lift squared loads and blocks



Block grippers for the gentle transport of loads with vertical, parallel side surfaces. The robust lever construction generates a load-dependent clamping force; the load must be pressure-stable. The Axzion block gripper is designed for a coefficient of friction of at least 0.4 μ, so the material to be transported must be dry and lubricant-free.


• With suspension for single hook DIN 15401.

• Parallel gripping jaws with very robust secutex impact protection

• Open lever, self-locking, with extra large handle

• Additional swivel reinforcement for longer durability

• Clamping protection for the fingers

• Galvanised / powder coating


As an option:

– Automatic step-change gear

– Gripping jaws with toothing (observe friction coefficient)

– Gripping range according to individual requirements

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