M56 or M20, diameters from 2 to 6 meters: Wind turbine assembly teams need to be able to lift and rotate the various tower segments. Conventional tower lifting points are not flexible enough and are clearly too heavy for assembly on the construction site. Several attachment points in different sizes often have to be used for the different tower sizes.

The new Vario-TAP fits all system types. The extra-wide slotted holes in combination with the sliding pressure plates with transverse bore make it possible to reproduce hole circles of different sizes.
The use of an auxiliary crane or forklift for assembly is no longer necessary, as the dead weight of the Vario-TAPs is a “portable” 30 kg.
25 t or 35 t; the load capacity of the new Vario-TAPs is only limited by the maximum load capacity of the bolts. The application side is clearly marked by color as well as by labeling:
RED = LEFT and GREEN = RIGHT. The extra-stable sliding pressure plates are available for all screw sizes from M20 to M56.

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