M56 or M20, diameter of 2 meters to 6 meters: Wind energy plant assembly teams need to lift and turn the various tower segments. Standard tower suspension points are not flexible enough and are also far too heavy for the assembly at the construction site. Several suspension points often need to be included in various sizes for the different tower sizes.

The new Vario-TAP will fit into all types of system. The extra wide long slots, combined with the variable pressure plate with transverse hole can be used to create different hole diameters. It is no longer necessary to use an auxiliary crane or mobile forklift truck for assembly, as the dead weight of the Vario-TAPs is a “portable” 30 kg. Whether 25to or 35to, the load bearing capacity of the new Vario-TAPs is only limited by the maximum bearing capacity of the screws. The respective input side is coloured and also identified with a label and is therefore clear: RED = LEFT and GREEN = RIGHT. The extra-stable variable pressure plates are available for all screw sizes from M20 to M56.

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