Q5 Antriebe und Steuerungstechnik

Drive units and control engineering



Advanced lifting equipment is increasingly fitted with electromechanical or hydraulic drive units. Standard machine-built elements are often insufficient for such systems, as they are not strong enough or fault-tolerant.

A possible failure in the lifting equipment must be ruled out at all costs and the load must remain secure under all circumstances. Extremely high demands are also placed on the equipment’s control systems and, as a result, it is sometimes imperative that the systems contain redundant elements.



Reliable operation and multiple safety features



Hydraulic components – Hydraulic cylinders


AXZION-GKS is equipped with the processing machinery needed to manufacture its own large lifting cylinders. The dimensions of the load attachment points are calculated with lifting devices in mind and the seals are obtained from qualified suppliers. While the delivery times for cylinders of this kind are often extremely long, we are able to supply replacements at short notice.

Hydraulic drive units

AXZION-GKS commissions hydraulic drive units for use offshore to be built in line with its own specifications. These very compact drive units have two hydraulic pumps that are positioned in a joint tank. If the main pump breaks down, the auxiliary pump can be used to complete the lifting operation without any problems.

Other hydraulic components

Components such as valves and tubes are mainly sourced from a supplier that is represented across Europe, enabling replacement parts to be delivered at very short notice. Redundant valves are sometimes fitted to prevent the system from failing in the event of a fault occurring in one of its essential valves.



Electronic components – Generators


AXZION-GKS commissions generators for use offshore to be supplied in line with its own specifications. Two generators always work in parallel so that if one breaks down, the other can be used to complete the lifting operation.

Electronic drive units

We only use electronic drive units from well known German manufacturers that have demonstrated their suitability in a number of ways. The units are designed with lifting procedures in mind and the difficult conditions to which lifting equipment is exposed are generously allowed for.

Control systems

Our control systems have a modular structure and are subjected to rigorous testing. They are assembled by our own electrical engineers sothat they can be tested on site and adjusted if necessary.


Remote control


AXZION-GKS commissions a supplier that is represented across Europe to build its remote control systems in line with its own specifications.

When it comes to lifting equipment used offshore, we are able to measure any interferences in frequency on deck and adjust the remote control settings accordingly.

Operational procedures that have a crucial bearing on safety and security are locked using key systems and can only be followed when the securely stored second key is used.

Operating messages can be transferred via a WLAN, enabling them to be analysed easily by a remote maintenance team.




Some of the operational procedures carried out by the supplied lifting equipment must be additionally monitored as a result of some areas being difficult to see.

To overcome this, we use appropriate multiple camera systems with radio transmission that display the recorded images on split screens.

Night turns to day: We also fit the lifting equipment with high-performance LED spotlights.

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