Q3 Material

Best components for optimum performance



It is only possible to manufacture a safe, high quality solution using excellent components. For many years, we have only been working with the best suppliers of steel and, as such, our tested blasted steels are mainly obtained from Arcelor, UnionStahl, ThyssenKrupp and Carl Spaeter.

When selecting the sheet metal to be processed, we not only focus on optimum weldability (lowering the risk of cold cracks, for example) and excellent machinability, but also look for fine-grained steels with high levels of strength and resistance.

We frequently choose to work with various thermomechanically rolled steels (TM steels for short).

The stainless steels used must have outstanding levels of resistance against a number of corrosive substances as well as a high resistance to oxidation. More often than not, these criteria result in us choosing to work with austenitic (nonmagnetic)

steels with a nickel content of >= 2.5% (from material number 1.44…).


Chain components

We mostly obtain our chain components from RUD’s chain factory in Aalen, our shackles from van Beest and our wire ropes from Henschel. Renowned companies specialising in closed-die forging, such as RUD Schöttler Umformtechnik & Systemlieferant in Hagen, supply our crane hooks and lifting eyes.



SpanSet-secutex is the leading manufacturer of plastic components for protecting materials. Thanks to its excellent mould-making skills, the company is able to produce tailor-made solutions rapidly and cost effectively. Efficient planning is essential. secutex impact protection elements form an integral part of the lifting equipment supplied. The parts subject to wear can be changed quickly and easily.



Textile lifting accessories, such as trusses and round slings, of course come from our parent company SpanSet. SpanSet’s large manufacturing plant in Übach-Palenberg is able to find solutions even for super heavy-duty lifting. Repairs and express deliveries ensure that the lifting equipment supplied by us is readily available.



Materials from renowned manufacturers



All materials are certified


We require that the manufacturers of all the materials used have been awarded at least a 3.1 inspection certificate in accordance with DIN EN 10204. For equipment that is to be used offshore, a 3.2 inspection report in accordance with DIN EN 10204 may also need to be compiled by an independent expert commissioned by the manufacturer.

Delivered materials are only approved for use in our manufacturing plant once our appropriately qualified employees have performed a systematic inspection of the incoming goods.


Flame cutting


We place huge importance on top combustion quality and the complete traceability of the materials used. Flame-cut parts are produced using modern CNC-controlled flame or plasma cutting machines, while processing is carried out using state-of-the-art trimmers.



Documented usage list


Steel is only used in the manufacturing process if the appropriate inspection certificates and/or inspection reports are in place and once the material has been approved by our in-house quality assurance team. All material certificates, inspection reports and usage lists are managed and archived on a computer system, meaning that they remain available indefinitely and can be retrieved at any time.



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