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Precise planning guarantees optimum performance



Close contact with the operator is maintained as early as the planning stage to enable us to create the perfect design. The use of state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems and computer-assisted calculation programs (FEM) enables the designs to be subsequently edited or amended at any time. When consulting with our clients, our well-trained team of experienced consultants applies the knowledge gained from working out past solutions. During these consultations, our application engineers are happy to visit clients on site to assess their operating conditions and requirements. Certain company-specific circumstances may mean that a more detailed risk analysis is necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require an on-site assessment.



Advanced lifting equipment


Standard or customised solutions


Obtaining the right advice is always a matter of going to the right place. As a manufacturer, we are perfectly placed to find the right solution for you.

This applies in terms of both price and the system itself. The fact that approximately 84% of the solutions provided by us are modified or entirely customised constructions speaks volumes.

Only one sixth of the lifting equipment that leaves our factory is a standard design.



Standard or customized solutions – We provide the right advice

By carrying out its own design and manufacturing work, AXZION-GKS has a variety of individual construction elements at its fingertips that can be assembled as required to create a comprehensive modular solution. Our strength lies in the fact that we are able to create and deliver custom-built machinery in a short space of time. We find the right solution for you, be it an affordable standard construction or a customised design.


Position of the load’s centre of gravity


It is imperative that the designers are made aware of the precise location of the load’s centre of gravity and the position of the load-attachment points. To this end, a technical consultation is compulsory and extra design features may be necessary.

The load’s centre of gravity always lies directly below the crane hook and, where required, the load and the lifting equipment are tilted to achieve this.

Here, it should be taken into account that in accordance with DIN EN 13155 unplanned inclinations to lifting beams must not exceed 6°; this must be observed when designing the equipment. Angles of inclination greater than 6° must be reported individually and secured using special design features.

Attaching a load below its centre of gravity may lead to instability that, at worst, results in the load suddenly shifting position.

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