secutex edge protectors

Corner edge-protector for lashing belts [SWH]

The extremely robust corner edge-protector SWH increases the radius on the edge and protects loads and lashing belts from “sharp edges”.

Hinged edge-protector for lashing belts [SK-B]

By means of a hinge, the edge protector SK-B can be optimally suited to fit any load geometry.

Simple edge-protector for lashing belts [SK-BE]

The SK-BE secutex simple edge protector has a low dead-weight and is easy to handle.

secuwave edge-protector [SWK]

The secuwave edge protector increases the load’s edge radius.

Hinged edge-protector for chains [SK-K]

A „sharp edge“ exists when the edge radius is smaller than the nominal thickness of the lashing chain.

Simple edge-protector for lashing chains [SK-KE]

The secutex SK-KE simple edge-protector is easily placed onto the chain.

Hinged edge-protector for wire cables [SK-D]

If the load has sharp edges or has a rough outer surface, a suitable abrasion or edge protector must be used. secutex edge-protectors are easy and versatile to use.

Simple edge protector for cables [SK-DE]

The simple edge-protector for wire cables [SK-DE] is the budget-friendly alternative.

Edge-protector for heavy duty use [SKDS]

The SKDS hinged edge protector is a massive edge protector for cable grummets.

secutex turning mat

When no fixed installations such as turning tables are available, coils and large items of machinery are generally turned using a secutex protective sleeve.


When lifting machinery components, there are always edges and surfaces which are insufficiently protected by regular edge protectors and protective sleeves.

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