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SpanSet Axzion, headquartered in Langenfeld, Germany, was founded in 1999 and is part of the international SpanSet Group. The company supplies individual custom-made products and special solutions for the complex requirements of transporting and assembling wind turbines and other large components.

Quality7 – everything from a single source

From design to service, all product stages are closely interlinked at SpanSet Axzion. The 7-point QUALITY SEVEN program stands for the strictly monitored creation of the products in the in-house development and production, starting from the steel to the finished load handling device. Approx. 84 % of all products delivered are modifications and individual solutions, only about every 6th load handling device is a standard product. The processing of high-quality materials and the in-house construction of the products guarantee optimal function. The company also holds numerous quality certificates, such as the major welding suitability EN 1090-1/2 and EXC3. New developments are tested on our own test benches, which have a tensile strength of up to 1650 tons. For offshore use, testing by Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Register or Norske Veritas is mandatory. Afterwards, customers receive comprehensive documentation. Experienced engineers and technicians provide service, maintenance and repair, training and the correct use of the products.

With its nearly 130 employees, SpanSet Axzion can look back on a large number of offshore projects and special constructions.


Patrick Schulte
Managing director
Andreas Höltkemeier
Managing director


SpanSet code of conduct



In this Code, the Board of Directors sets ethical standards and defines how SpanSet conducts its business. The company’s responsibility towards its stakeholders is seen as the basis for long-term success. The Board endorses this Code and requires the same of the entire company. Non-compliance jeopardizes the Company’s business and reputation.

Laws and regulations

We comply with applicable laws and regulations and the Company’s internal rules wherever we conduct our business.

We compete successfully by acting on our core values of trustworthiness, expertise and interactivity, not by resorting to unfair tactics.

We do not tolerate corruption or bribery of any kind, and inappropriate gifts are neither offered nor accepted by us. Business solicitation payments will not be tolerated.

Ethical behavior

We seek to build long-term relationships with our customers by anticipating their needs and providing them with the best products and services for their particular situation.

We avoid situations where personal interests may conflict with SpanSet interests. As a firm rule, any such occurrence is documented and reported to supervisors.

Corporate Culture

We know that our employees are the foundation of our business and we strive to create an environment where talent is strongly motivated to grow.

Leaders model integrity through their actions and ensure that employees are aware of our Code.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment, whether based on race, gender, age or sexual orientation. We expressly avoid sexist jokes and the display of material with sexual content.

SpanSet employees are entitled to a safe and healthy work environment. We also strive to improve safety in our customers’ workplaces: our products and training play an important role in protecting users and preventing accidents.


SpanSet tangible and intangible assets may only be used for business purposes and all employees have a duty to avoid misuse, damage, waste or loss of said assets.

Technical know-how and trade secrets that are the property of SpanSet must be handled with great care, as unauthorized disclosure to third parties may cause serious harm to the Company.

Violations of our Code, Company policies, laws and regulations are considered unacceptable and will result in serious consequences, ranging from a warning to demotion or termination. Not only is the person committing the violation at risk, but so are direct supervisors and any other employees who have knowledge of the incident.

Social responsibility

We respect human rights and try to minimize any environmental impact. Long-term activity means optimizing the use of resources.

We ensure to the best of our ability that our partners comply with the same rules as we do.

We do not tolerate child labor under any circumstances, either directly or indirectly.


The entire company must comply with the Code.

Any changes to the Code will be communicated to all employees.

We report any violation or potential violation of the Code to supervisors; reporting an incident will never be reprimanded.

SpanSet employees can contact their supervisors or the helpline directly at conducthelpline(at) with any questions.

The Board of Directors, SpanSet Inter AG

June 2017

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