Block gripper

Block grippers safely lift squared loads and blocks.

Block gripper with increased contact pressure

Block gripper with increased contact pressure and secutex gripping jaws.

Universal gripper for ISO profiles

Axzion universal grippers for ISO profiles.

Gripper for ISO profiles

Axzion grippers for ISO profiles.

Round material gripper

Round material gripper for the horizontal transport of round material and pipes.

Round material - Turning gripper

Round material gripper, round materials lifted gently.

Wire coil internal gripper

Wire coil internal gripper, safely grips wire coils from the inside.

Wire coil external gripper

Wire coil external grippers, safely grip wire coils from the outside.

Concrete pipe hanger

Concrete pipe hanger.

Drum tong top

Drum tong top.

Drum tong side

Drum tong side.

Drum tong top-side

Drum tong top-side.

Drum turning tong

For lifting beading or clamping ring drums.

Synchro gripper

Synchro gripper internal / external gripper, suitable for horizontal rings.

Rail Grip

Axzion, easy handling, extremely low dead weight.

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