Axzion Wind

Products for the Wind industry

SBI Beam

Vario J-Hook (proprietary)

Axzion TAP

Axzion Vario TAP


Products for the coil industry

Coil hooks without counterweight

Coil hook with counterweight

Coil hook with counterweight, heavy load, 200,000 load changes

Coil tipping hooks

Vario Coilhooks

Storage rack for coil hooks

Secutex coilmat

Coilprotect „Altus“

Coilprotect „Semi“

Coilprotect Premium


 Products for the concrete industry

Block grippers

Concrete pipe hanger

Block tongs for finished concrete parts

Block tong

Round material gripper

Round material – Turning gripper

Forklift trucks

Beams for forklift trucks

Axzion battery cross-beam for forklifts

Axzion forklift cross-beams with a hook

Axzion forklift cross-beams with three hooks

Forklift beam for a form

Axzion crane arm for forklift truck

Axzion short crane arm for forklift trucks

Axzion hook beam

Axzion turnover cross-beam for forklift



Container cross-beam standard

Container cross-beam with mechanical central locking system

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