Axzion Beams

Axzion Spreader beam

Due to the articulated arrangement of the connection plates.

Axzion spreader beam with shackle bar

The crosshead is individually adapted to the customer’s requirements in the working area.

Axzion end sections

Also available as pluggable version.

Axzion Vario Beam

Assemblable construction kit beam.

Axzion Lightweight beam

Extremely lightweight construction equipped with RUD-ICE chains.

Axzion rigid spreader beam, with double T-beam

Axzion rigid spreader beam, with double T-beam, simple design.

Lightweight beam for spatial loads and easy to dismantle for easy transport.


Axzion Crossbeam

3-arm beam

Robust beam for spatial loads with three support arms at an angle of 120°. 

Axzion runner beam

Pendulum protection by innovative design.

Axzion 2-crane beam

The beam is individually adapted to the customer‘s requirements in the work area.

Axzion long hook rigid or telescopic

Robust design for foil or paper rolls, rigid or adjustable to different roll widths, telescopic.

Axzion BIGBAG beam

standard or stainless steel.

Axzion wire mesh box beam

Crane-side with eye suspension for single hooks DIN 15401.

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