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  1. Lifting beam
  2. Axzion-lifting beam
  3. Spreader frame
  4. H-frame lifting beam
  5. Rotator beam | manual drive
  6. Rotator beam | automatic
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  8. Container lifting beam
  9. Container lifting beam EMC
  10. Balancing lifting
  11. Lifting beam for wire basket
  12. Spreader beam

Technical specifications

Rotator beams with manual drive

The gearbox is self stopping giving reliable control of the load.
The required gear ratio is dependent upon the weight of the load and the load geometry. 

If the load geometry is unfavourable the load should not exceed 2,000 kg, otherwise a gear ratio must be selected that is too high which would render manual operation ineffective.


  • Secutex lifting slings with C shackle
  • Simple electric drive in place of winch chain
  • Chain sprockets
  • Spindle adjuster

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  1. 600-to-Prooftester

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