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Technical specifications

Rotator beam, automatic

Rotator beam with driven rollers for in lifting and turning workpieces with symmetrical loads and with asymmetrical loads.

Rotator beams tecnical features

  • Turning rollers can be adjusted to any position across the beam
  • The adjustment runs easily through traveling gear. Cable balancing principle: The running gear units are connected with a runaround wire cable with diagonal displacement
  • The running gear always operates with the load balanced and automatically adjusts itself over the lifting points
  • The turning rollers are suitable for a websling with a C-hook or an endless websling
  • The rotator beam is equipped with an electrically driven lifting eye moving in the longitudinal axis of the rotator beam for balancing of the center of gravity
  • Floor level operation via cable remote control as standard
  • Rotator slings with an anti-cut secutex coating have to be used for sharp edged workpieces
  • A secutex coating is also necessary for workpieces with an offset centre of gravity, even without sharp edges, in order to maintain the required coefficient of friction between the turning roller and the belt
  • Intended for internal use only but may be modified for external use as an option

Prices and information upon request!

Please regard that turning beams can be equipped with secuwave lifting slings as an option

  • secuwave increases the deflection radius on the sharp edge
  • The wave profile securely locks onto the edge


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