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Technical specifications

H-frame lifting beam

Are you looking for a standard load-lifting beam with adjustable hooks? With Axzion’s H-frame lifting beam you can enjoy a whole host of possibilities for adapting it to your production methods.

Our lifting beams are available in the following designs: :

  • H-frame lifting beam, with adjustable hooks
  • Fixed H-frame lifting beam, non-adjustable

Load-lifting beams with attachments for single hooks in accordance with DIN 15401 with two or four adjustable single hooks.

  • Comprehensive directions for use
  • Extensive test reports and declaration of conformity
  • Adjusted crane-hook attachments
  • Can be delivered at short notice
  • On-site guidance
  • Delivered as standard up to 20 t

Supplementary equipment

Lifting-beam attachments for double hooks in accordance with DIN 15402; swivel hooks (not under load/rotatable under load); double hooks. Lifting beams can also be adjusted according to individual requirements.

Do you need the matching supporting frame?

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