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Technical specifications

Lifting Beams in the modular lifting beam system

A lifting beam is usually used for many years for the most diverse tasks. The lifting device that is in use today may possibly be too large for the new crane system.

The Axzion lifting beam is completely equipped and allows for changes at any time.

Exchangeable lifting ring made of high-strength, special chain steel

The lifting ring is exchangeable and can be subsequently adapted, e.g. when using the lifting beam in a different hall or after the installation of a new crane system.

Swing protection with an innovative design

A notch system has been incorporated in the robust steel profiles. The hanger can no longer swing because of this integrated notch system; the lifting beam hangs with considerably more stability. This new design of the Axzion lifting beam provides a considerable improvement in stability, the load has to be repositioned much less frequently and the transport process becomes quicker and safer.

Two additional load supports for hanging 2 leg slings equipment

The lifting beam hangs with even more stability with 2 leg slings equipment; lifting suspension situations, e.g. use on a truck mounted crane, can be quickly adapted.

Forged double hook with an extra large jaw width and forged safety latches

Each sling eye is hung in its own hook; providing secure load fastening. Because of this, there is no possibility of error and less wear and tear on the eyes and slings.

Additional hook

For chain slings; it aligns itself with the direction of the load.

Please request our technical leaflet for further information!

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