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Technical specifications

Coil hooks without a counterweight

Unless stated otherwise, our load-lifting equipment is constructed in accordance with the currently applicable requirements of DIN EN 13155 (non-fixed load-lifting equipment). As per DIN EN 13155, this allows for a maximum of 20,000 load cycles under full load. In this way, the lifespan of the load-lifting equipment is reached.


Robust design made of high-quality steel with a material test certificate, of course. The support arm points upwards with a tilt of approx. 3° under load.

Attention should be paid to:

Work with the coil hook without a counterweight is only possible with small coils, because the coil hook has to be manually put into the coil. When attaching the load, it is always important to pay attention to the centre-of-gravity height point of the load and to make a critical assessment of this! It is conceivable that the load’s centre of gravity is lower than the points at which the load is attached. In the event that the load’s centre of gravity is higher than the points at which the load is attached, extra care is needed!

Please request our technical leaflet for further information!

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