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Correct manufacturing, comprehensively documented:

Sometimes documentation is just as important as the manufactured product. In international plant engineering the materials used must be precisely documented; an undocumented component may lead to the rejection of the entire piece of load-carrying equipment. Manufacture must be comprehensively described; the Major Proof of Suitability for Welding proves the basic suitability of the company.

Perfect documentation for further use

Verifiable statics are often requested for the load-carrying equipment; failure of the lifting solution must be guaranteed impossible. Clients and operators receive the technical diagrams in pdf format for long-term storage, although other modifiable formats such as Step or Iges are also easily available.

Required documents

Observance of the new machine directive 2006/42/EC is shown via the CE declaration, the official test report 2.2 guarantees the agreed properties.

A good introduction to safe operation via

The general instructions for use of the load-carrying equipment that we manufacture are provided in the language of each country with the product according to machine directive 2006/42/EC, safety-related replacement parts are described in the attached technical diagrams along with the name of the manufacturer. Sometimes the general instructions for use are not sufficient; should particular risks arise in the risk analysis and/or during operation, then the instructions for use must be expanded. We are always prepared to sensibly expand the general instructions for use; please contact us for this purpose.