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Construction and Advice

Intelligent load-carrying equipment directly from the manufacturer 

The correct guidance is always a question of one’s own capabilities. As the manufacturer, we are always able to find the best solution for you. This is true from both a price and a solution-orientated point of view. The fact that approx. 84 % of the solutions we provide are modified or entirely individual solutions speaks volumes. Only every sixth piece of load-carrying equipment that leaves our factory is a standard solution.

Who is responsible?

The manufacturer is the one who is responsible for the development and production of a product which enters the market bearing its name. Insofar as operators construct and assemble load-carrying equipment, they themselves become the manufacturer. 

Insufficient attention is often paid to the risks and liabilities involved in the lifting and moving of heavy loads – sometimes with dramatic consequences for those responsible and for those affected. Even the selection of an inappropriate manufacturer may result in personal liability for the group of people responsible. We bear the responsibility for you. You are dealing with a company which always works in accordance with regulations. Starting with the Major Proof of Suitability for Welding according to DIN 18800 and DIN 15018 for static and dynamic load-bearing structures and extending to the material inspection certificate EN 10 204/3.1, not to mention the test report, operating instructions and CE declaration according to the new machine directive 2006/42/EC.

Standard or individual solution – we give you the correct advice

Because we carry out our own construction and assembly, Axzion-GKS possesses a variety of individual construction elements which form a construction kit which can be assembled as needed to create a comprehensive solution.

Our strength lies in the fact that we are able to create custom-built machinery within short delivery times. We find the correct solution for you, whether it is an affordable standard construction or a custom solution.

The number of load changes is decisive

The builder of a piece of load-carrying equipment must work with the operator to establish whether DIN EN13155 “Cranes – Safety – Non-fixed load-carrying equipment” may be used or whether construction of the load-carrying equipment must be carried out according to DIN 15018.

If the load-carrying equipment is expected to deal with a maximum of 20,000 load changes, then EN 13155 may be applied fully. This means that the mechanical load-bearing pieces must meet the following requirements in relation to mechanical stability:

The load-carrying equipment must be dimensioned in such a way that it is able to bear a static load which is triple its load-bearing capacity and hold the load, even if permanent distortions may develop.
The load-carrying equipment must be dimensioned in such a way that it is able to bear a static load which is double its load-bearing capacity without the development of any permanent distortions.
In para. 6 of EN 13155 a further, not unimportant, requirement is given. Individually constructed and assembled products must undergo both a type inspection and an individual inspection. For series products the type inspection must be carried out on one or multiple representative products from the series and the individual inspection must be carried out on each of the individually manufactured products.

The manufacturer of the load-carrying equipment must provide evidence that the welding was carried out by EN 287-1 qualified personnel. Furthermore, the quality of the welding seams must be verified according to EN 25817.

More than 20,000 load changes

Exceptions such as offshore operation, operation in high and low temperature areas

DIN EN 13155 does not cover the dangers relating to the mechanical stability of load-carrying equipment which are intended for more than 20,000 load changes. In its place DIN 15018 “Cranes – Steel structures” applies for the dimensioning of construction components

Precise planning guarantees perfect operation 

As early as the planning phase, extensive contact with the operator leads to the optimal design. Construction using the most advanced 3D CAD systems and computer-assisted calculation programmes (FEM) allows subsequent editing or changes at any time.

Competent advice on site

Our skilled team of experienced advisors brings all of the expertise gained from the solution of many past problems to bear when providing advice. The applications engineer is also happy to come and assess on-site the specific operating requirements and conditions. Intra-company specifics may mean that a further risk assessment is necessary; please request that we take care of this.