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Assembly Requirements

Date: Juli 2013

By accepting the assembly works, the client declares his conformance to the Axzion Assembly Requirements – GKS Stahl + Maschinenbau GmbH. For these requirements to be valid, there must be no confirmation to the contrary by the client.

A. General Conditions

At his own expense and risk the client must promptly provide:

1. Foundations including anchor bolts, where capacity must be guaranteed at the start of assembly (as required).

2. Apparatus and necessary materials such as hoists, cranes, facilities for unloading and transportation, documents, etc. (as required).

3. Connections such as power, fuel and data cabling (as required).

4. If the start or continuation of assembly and/or repair works is delayed as a consequence of the non-compliance of the obligations of the client, all arising costs, in particular the costs for the wait time and any return journey of the assembly staff, fall to the client. This is also the case if after assembly and/or repair, operational start-up/acceptance cannot take place immediately due to the debts of the client.

5. The risk for the loss of or damage to assembly parts, tools and other objects supplied by us for the implementation of assembly or repair is transferred to the client when they are dispatched.

6. Work time and working capacity are to be certified by assembly staff. On conclusion of the assembly and/or repairs or inspection, the client grants the fitter a pre-printed certificate of acceptance.

7. Assembly at a fixed price takes place exclusively if terms have been expressly confirmed in writing. The fixed price then covers the agreed deliverables providing the working conditions stated by us in the contract and any other services. Furthermore, deliverables from our assembly staff becoming necessary for reasons/debts of the client are calculated additionally. It is however the client that is to certify the work times of our fitters for the fixed price assembly.

8. Assembly costs are cash expenditure. Thus we invoice for the assembly and/or repair or inspection immediately after the completion of works. Over longer durations of contract we can issue an interim invoice. Assembly invoices are payable by the client immediately on receipt.

9. Assembly of provided objects and materials: we accept no liability for goods and qualifications of the objects and materials made available by the client.

10. Excluding further claims from the client, we are liable for proper assembly in that we have eliminated faults in the assembly. If a fault arises due to an instruction or action of the client or a third party, we accept no liability in this regard.

11. In cases of damage, claims for damage of all kinds are excluded without consideration of the legal grounds if the compensation claims are not covered by our insurance. This is particularly the case for all damage not arising directly from assembly and/or repair objects themselves and damage through usage failures.

B. Assembly costs rates

1. Labour costs:

For working hours, travel times, preparation and wait times during normal working hours of 8 hours per day, 5 working days per week we calculate:

Fitter/Welder per hour: EUR 68.90
Engineer/Technician per hour: EUR 95.00

Our working hour agreements applies. We reserve the right to the selection of assembly staff to suit requirements.

2. Supplements for additional working hours

a) Working days all overtime hours +25 %
b) Saturdays all working hours +50%
c)Sundays and holidays all working hours +100%

3. Allowance/Costs

per travel/working/attendance day:

a) Germany EUR 44.00
b) Europe EUR 55.00
c) other countries EUR 85.00

(Also on weekends)

4. Travel costs (at cost)

- private car per kilometre EUR 0.55
- Train 2nd class
- Flight Economy Class

5. Accommodation costs

Accommodation costs are calculated at cost against documentary evidence and/or borne directly by the client. If the client provides accommodation, he is to ensure its appropriateness. The client is to provide free transfer from hotel to assembly site and back and/or to accept the costs for this.

6. Supplements and extras

Any required supplements and extras arising are calculated additionally against documentary evidence. Standard travel home at Easter, Whitsun and Christmas are at the expense of the client.

7. Separation allowance

Separation allowance for weekends and holidays at the assembly location, where some of our assembly staff cannot travel home because of work to be carried out or there is too great a distance to the assembly site:

Fitter/Eng./Technician per day EUR 65.00 additional to Figure B.2.b) and/or c)

8. External services

External services, such as the attendance of our suppliers’ assembly staff desired by the client or required by his orders/reasons are passed on by us to the client according to the assembly requirements of this supplier.